Mobile Application


Locate. Order and pay for your food truck order prior to pick up. My role on this project was Mobile Design, Visual Design and Interaction Design. The tools in which I used on this project were Illustrator, Photoshop. The technologies used were Marvel.


Paycrave vision is to helps users locate food trucks, pre-order/order food and pay for there meals prior to seeing there food truck vendor. Provide a benefit for food truck vendors while serciving hungry end users who can download Paycraves mobile app.


Figure out the needs for the food truck vendor and the needs for the user. Group those needs into categories. From there figure out what actions are needed to happen for both the vendor and user. Develop user stories which will assist in conceptualizing the user flow for the app. Construct the wireframes and test, test and test some more.


Paycrave provided their logo, color patterns and typography selections.

Paycrave style guide


 Paycrave User Stories


I documented the end-to-end user flow from app launch to payment confirmation, to vendor reviews. This document proved to be the heart of the project, I learned quickly that you know when your on the right or wrong track based on your user flow. I really enjoyed this process.

 Paycrave User Flow


From the user flow explorations I was able to see that sers should be able to view food trucks on a map nearby. Be able to target their location with the touch of a button using GPS. be able to select a specific truck on the map to view more details. Once I had an understanding of what the users needs were and the ideal flow of the app I set out to create a few different approaches to the UI. The best take away from this process was construct, built and test, test, test!

Paycrave wireframe



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