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Hand-made. A different kind of soaping experience. My role on this project was Visual Design, Art Direction, E-commerce, UI/UX Design, Responsive Design, and Front-End Development. The tools in which I used on this project were Illustrator, Photoshop, Bootstrap 3 Framework, Sublime2 and Github. The technologies used were HTML5, CSS3 and Jquery.


To craft a visually appealing e-commerce platform that focuses on handmade soaps made by Bathworks Soaping Company. Design a refreshing logo that plays on the old notion of a rubber duckie. Provide a low and medium fidelity mock. Then develop a prototype of actual site.


Creating all the necessary digital assets for site. Condering the load times and http requests. Figuring out what e-commerce platform to use. Considering the proper site behaviors. Lastly, shopping cart.


During the hand-sketch exploration I want to unleash all easy goto thoughts I had in mind for the company/product. So bathtubs, rubber duckies all made its way to the page. Once I got all my easy thoughts out. I honed into what this company and product is about , “hand-made” built with a purpose. With that in my mind I wanted to take it a step further and considered the look and feel of the company/product name. I wanted it to be more than a pop-up shop and more so like a company/product thats about, craftmanship - yet friendly and inviting. With the knowledge of wanting the the look and feel to be hand-made, yet friendly. It was obvious that there would be types of font selections. One being Raleway a Google Font and the other Lato another Google Font which played on it’s friendliness use.

Bathworks style guide


Bathworks User Stories


This wireframe is an exploration of how I think the soap can evoke feelings of relaxation by emphasising on color, texture and digital imagery. The art direction on these shoots must make users want soap and forget about price.

Bathworks wireframe


Bathworks site


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